Ethical Harvesting

We applaud and support the efforts of organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council and other like minded associations for helping to formalize standards for responsible harvesting of this sometimes “at risk” resource and expanding the certification of processes that extend throughout all phases of production. They are also having a positive secondary effect on society by increasing people’s conscious awareness of important environmental issues and green thinking in general.


Full Supporter of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)  –


“When a tree is initially opened, a look at the meteorological history of where it thrived and sometimes, just survived is exposed. Examining the patterns and growth rings can reveal a record of hurricanes, rainy seasons, droughts, and even forest fires. This can be visually dramatic in a very old tree and is the primary reason I use large, solid boards in most of my designs.”   

– Ed Rode, Owner & Designer – Rode Furniture

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