Interior Design. Interior Decorating.

Colors. Atmosphere. Textures. Style. Whether you have an acute sense of design or are convinced you have none, a professional decorator or designer on your team is an asset. 

At Rode Furniture we define the terms ‘interior designer’ and ‘interior decorator’ as; a designer uses blueprints among other things and a decorator uses everything else to create a space.  This is a simplistic definition at best, but they have solutions in their quivers to dilemmas that you may be wrangling with. 

Collaborating on a space to create the ideal furnishing is a common practice at Rode Furniture. Offering Interior Designers and Interior Decorators the opportunity to offer their client more.  Complimenting a room/space or finding the centerpiece for an entire design. Size, shape, color, texture and style can be incorporated into your one of a kind furniture design with Rode Furniture.

If you desire a unique example of Art Furniture, we can help!

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